Since its launch in 2001, Devotion has been synonymous with modern collections with high aesthetics. Inspired by nature, Greek heritage and architecture. 

Then in 2013, the Devotion TWINS clothing collection debuted - named after the designer's twin sons. What started with a few jacquard pieces has quickly become an important brand in the international fashion world, and the collection has evolved tremendously. 

Devotion TWINS focuses on gorgeous natural fabrics such as cotton, beautiful poplin fabrics, precious hand-embroidered details and traditional ethnic patterns. Designer Athina combines these elements with clean lines and her signature Devotion TWINS silhouette. Eclectic color combinations, eye-catching patterns and a paean to original Greek craftsmanship are never missing from any Devotion TWINS collection. The ultimate vacation feeling to wear, produced correctly and fairly in Europe. 

These vibes resonate internationally: the brand's high recognition, attention to detail and dynamic evolution have opened the best doors of department stores, high-fashion boutiques and resort stores worldwide. 

Devotion TWINS defines itself as a Slow Fashion Brand and with its success it makes a significant contribution to revive the Greek textile production. At the heart of all Devotion TWINS designs are embroidery and textile techniques that carry the rich folkloric heritage and its textile traditions combined with modern technology into the future. Beautiful, mostly handmade clothing made from high quality materials - completely designed and manufactured in Greece, that's the perfect way to sum up Devotion TWINS. Made for fashion informed women around the world who believe in the same values as the brand and its founder: in bonding, in consistency, in trust and mutual respect. 


Devotion is a Greek family business run by designer Athina and her husband Dimitris. Their goal: to create beautiful, sustainably made resort and summer clothing and accessories.

From the beginning, Athina has inspired with her signature style: feminine, playful, yet full of natural confidence. Designs that make women more beautiful, give them confidence and emphasize their femininity are Athina's strength. Perfectionism and creativity are reflected in each collection, which always evolves the brand's style in amazingly creative ways.

Her native Greece resonates in all of the designer's designs: Whether it's the typical patterns dyed in the atelier in Athens or the lace inserts, Athina Parnasa has put the country's textile tradition.


It's the joy of life, the unpretentious femininity, the straightforwardness.

Devotion TWINS dresses are tongue-in-cheek, flirty and feminine with an effortless elegance that makes them wearable year-round for any occasion. With bold colors and abstract geometric patterns, Athina conjures up truly special, modern designs. Handcrafted embroidery and intricate detailing make Devotion TWINS products favorites to leave a lasting impression in.


Since its inception in 2013, Devotion TWINS has created a signature look with its self-designed jacquards that the brand continues to draw on in its collections. Inspired by Greece, Devotion TWINS' signature patterns add cultural and international sensibility and depth to otherwise clean and uncomplicated silhouettes and designs.


Devotion TWINS is synonymous with loose and flowing silhouettes. From dresses to pants and blouses in exciting color combinations, our key pieces are unsurpassably comfortable, uncomplicated and, of course, always stylish.



Since 2018, Devotion TWINS has opened up to international markets. A wave of enthusiasm for the uniqueness of the brand went around the globe: first Europe, later the USA and today a global network of around 1.500 points of sale in over 40 countries. Inclusive, globally understood, ageless - women on all continents in all cultures love Devotion TWINS for its strong identity and independence.


Devotion TWINS is committed to sustainability and does its part for responsible consumption. Production is only on-demand, avoiding overproduction avoids wasting resources. Local production in Greece, long-term purchase agreements with all suppliers and production companies, as well as a strong passion for regional craftsmanship characterize Devotion TWINS. Constant quality control and mandatory compliance with all labor and social standards are a matter of course for the brand.


The entire Devotion TWINS collection is 100% manufactured in Greece. It thus makes a significant contribution to rebuilding local production structures and is in line with a responsible nearshoring strategy.